Participatory budget

Participatory budget
Ville de Métis-sur-Mer


In 2020, the Town of Métis-sur-Mer has decided to involve its citizens in certain areas of municipal management. Constantly looking for projects to energize our community, we want to invite citizens of Métis-sur-Mer to submit ideas related to recreation and culture. As a result of the analysis and selection of the received projects, the Town is committed to put all needs in place for the achievement of one of these projects, as soon as possible. The purpose of this participatory budget is to provide an opportunity for citizens to present to the Métis-sur-Mer Council a project important for them.


The call for projects will begin on March 1 and citizens will be able to submit their project until June 1, 2020. A selection committee will be created to judge each project according to pre-established criteria. Participants may be invited to present their project in more detail. The project chosen by the selection committee must be completed within the year 2020. The selection committee is committed to identify a winning project by July 1, 2020. In addition to seeing his project completed, the person who submitted it will be invited to participate in the realization of it.


Interested people can submit their project via a committee or personally. Only one project will be eligible per person. Projects can be submitted in print via a letter deposited at the municipal office at 138 rue Principale, Métis-sur-Mer or by email to in accordance with the framework and criteria below. Projects must aim development of recreation and culture of Métis-sur-Mer through the purchase of equipment or asset. Events or non-durable assets are not eligible for this call for projects.

Project criteria

  • Inspired by Politique Familiale et Municipalité amie des aînés (MADA)
  • To reach as much as possible the entire population
  • Be achievable and not exceed $15,000 

Selection committee

The selection committee will be formed and authorized by the Council of the  Town of Métis-sur-Mer. It consists of two members of the Town Council, a member of the Métis-sur-Mer Local Development Committee, a member of the Métis-sur-Mer Recreation Committee and our Intertermunicipal Recreation Coordinator. The votes and decisions on this committee will be based on an absolute majority.


In order to have a presentation structure and as much detail as possible, we ask you to submit your projects according to the specific framework. The form (only in French) can be obtained in attached file and at the municipal office. Please answer questions and observe criteria. The selection committee may ask you for more details or for a presentation.